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Analysing The Throw-In

A Focus on the Throw in for 'Major Gains’

Measuring the team’s ability to enter the attacking third in possession from the throw-in.

What are the Implications for Coaching?

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Attacking Strategies

Challenging the ‘system’, alternatives to relying on conventional crosses and corners to score.

Presentation to the Sheffield & Hallamshire Football Coaches Association.

Feb. 27, 2017

              Are you willing to look at alternative ways of seeing the game?!

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            World Cup Report Technical Report 2014

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  1. Teams which scored 3 or more goals in a match had a 100% win probability.
  2. 80% of the goals were from strikes inside an area called the “Gold Zone” (GZ)
  3. Strike attempts taken inside the Gold Zone were more effective and accurate.
  4. The most productive zones for delivering the ball into the Gold Zone (GZ ) were the areas identified as the Central Attacking Zone (CAZ) and Box Pass Zone (BPZ).
  5. In open play 49% of all goals were scored within 5 seconds of regaining possession and over 80 % of goals were scored within 15 seconds of regaining the ball
  6. Effective distributions by Goalkeepers played a role in securing attacking-third possessions.
  7. Teams which directed their throw-ins away from the congested area and into a more spacious area were more effective in securing a possession in the attacking-third. 

Learn the lessons, see the  Implications for Coaching.

World Cup Technical Report —You Tube - See the Presentation

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